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INTER MD INC Foundation
& Project Experiences
INTER MD Inc was established in March 2010.

Project experiences cover registering medical devices listed below.


AAA (abdominal aortic aneurysm) stent systems
Anti-adhesive barriers
Absorbable Sutures
Bovine Collagen Matrix
Blood bags/blood processing systems
Cerebral micro-coil systems 
Computer-assisted hair harvesting system
Contact lenses: daily ware, extended ware, toric, multifocal
CYP2C19 Assay + Analyzer
Dermabrasion system
Dermal Fillers
Dental Systems
Diode laser systems
Drug Eluting PTA Balloon Catheters
Drug Eluting/Bare metal Stent systems for the coronary arteries
Dural Grafts
Endoscopic systems
Hemostatic Dressings
Human DBM (demineralized bone matrix) products
IOLs: Mono-focal/ multifocal/ anterior/ posterior
Medical software
Microcoil systems for Cerebral Aneurysms
Microspheric embolic agents
Orbital implants
Radiation Interstitial Therapy Systems

RF surgical systems 
RF systems for Spinal surgeries/ for Skin resurfacing 

Sterile sodium chondroitin solution for the bladder surface
Sternal saw system
Synthetic bone void fillers
TBS software: New Technology in Korea
Wound dressings
35% H2O2 High-Level disinfector

KLH (Korea License Holder) for;

Coronary Angioplastiy Balloon Catheters

Dermabrasion System

Drug Eluting Coronary Stent Systems

Endoscopic Systems

Haemostatic Powder products

RF Generators and Electrodes

Medical Software

Surgical Instruments

Surgical Staples



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We are the Korean consultants who deliver our specialized knowledge and knowhow to the clients to successfully register medical devices with the Korean health authorities.
Please feel free to contact us whenever you get any questions on the Korea regulatory system for medical device registration. We will provide our sincere services to you to obtain optimized results.

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